National Leadership

General information, requests, etc. can be emailed to the National Office at [email protected].  
Additional information can be found on the Contact Us page. 

National Executive Board (NEB)

The National Executive Board serves as the main administrative body of Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc. These officers are responsible for the overall management of the Fraternity and provides services that include: Support and expansion of undergraduate Chapters; training and development of membership; building of alumni networks and fostering relationships with the Universities and fraternity/sorority community.

Contact Information
National President: Violet (Torres) Bollar                                     Email: [email protected]
Executive Vice President: Lindsey Valenzuela                             Email: [email protected]
Vice President of Finance: Javier Ruiz                                          Email: [email protected]
Vice President of Administration: Jessica Garcia                       Email: [email protected]
Vice President of Standards & Policy: Andrea Feschenko         Email: [email protected]
Vice President of Expansion: Michelle L. Maday                         Email: [email protected]
Vice President of Alumni Affairs: Christina Espino                     Email: [email protected]
Vice President of Undergraduate Affairs: Rocio Alfaro              Email: [email protected]
Vice President of Marketing: Jesus Ramirez                               Email: [email protected]

For emergency situations, if any individual is in danger or injured, please call 911.
For other emergency situations not involving injuries or a threat to life, please contact Violet (Torres) Bollar at 847-312-5823.
If you are unable to reach Violet, please contact Michelle Maday at 847-361-4378.